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Thread: Wada Kouji Passed 3 Years Ago

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    Wada Kouji Passed 3 Years Ago

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    It's been 3 years since the passing of Wada Kouji.

    His name and music is well known to Digimon fans around the world, with elements from his songs defining the brand not only musically, but at times visually, and he's still often one of the first names that comes to mind when people think of Digimon.

    As always, far too many songs connected to the brand to list and give their due all at once, and everyone tends to have their own favorites.

    And as many people know, our site/forum was named after one of his songs.

    It just turned April 3rd where I am but fans have been posting messages to social media, and it wouldn't be surprising if various people with the brand say things as they have in the past.

    The first message spotted was from Volcano Ota, who also posted a photo.

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    A translation of his message: (Translation updated thanks to shin)
    After we went to visit Wada-san's grave the other day, we held a special snack and drinking party with Wada-san's wife!

    We had enjoyed ourselves so much, that when we left I almost left Mini-Koji behind -- this is only a secret for here though!!! (Thank you for noticing Ai-san...as usual!)

    Everyone's doing well, Wada-san. (^_^)
    Mini-Koji appears to be a reference to the tiny Wada Kouji Lego man that Ota has, which is also featured in the photo.
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    3 years already??? Will keep playing Butterfly in remembrance....

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    Man, as timeless as Digimon is for me, so does Wada's legacy on the franchise as well!
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    In tribute, maybe we should all post our favorite covers of his work? Cuz there's plenty. The perpetuation of the tracks he made is all the proof we need of how grand his legacy is. Here's one from me to start us off:

    <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHdI-Wfsal8" target="_blank">
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    No one will replace him.

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    Updated the translation of the message from Ota.
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