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Thread: Why are there practically no digimon rom hacks?

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    Why are there practically no digimon rom hacks?

    I see so many rom hacks for pokemon and hacking is so prevalent that I wondered why there are so few of digimon. Specifically digimon world ds, dawn, dusk and story cybersleuth hackers memory. The few I have seen are gameboy advance pokemon firered sprite hacks.

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    because pokemon is more popular?

    and ps4/vita games are a lot harder to make rom hacks... there's a reason most rom hacks are of pokemon gen 3 from 17 years ago...

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    There could be some obscure rom hacks for the old Story games though, but nothing guarantees those are good.

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    I thought this was sorta of fan games? I kinda wish Digimon weren't somewhat underdogs, because I strangely want to see an EB Digimon hack (I like that series as well.)

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    It's a matter of rom hacks being complicated. This is why the majority of rom hacks are for insanely popular games (Mario/Pokemon etc) on classic old consoles that are really well understood.
    Digimon games get "hacked" in the sense that people extract resources, figure out a few formats and as well as addresses for action replay codes but usually not much more. Every once in a while there's some translation project which requires more detailed knowledge about how text is encoded and scripts work and how assets are actually implemented but that's still only scratching the surface of what a more substantial rom hack would have to accomplish. If you want to drastically add or modify actual gameplay content you have to understand all the background stuff like how the AI works or how levels are implemented, how animations work, how cutscenes work, and so on and so forth.

    It speaks volumes that the most prominent example of "Digimon" rom hacks are actually Digimon themed rom hacks of Pokemon games. Because those games have been reverse engineered to hell and back and people have written tools for them and things like that are unlikely to happen for Digimon games in any sufficiently extensive way.
    After all we don't really get those single big games that the franchise revolves around and that for years become the current focus of a millions strong fandom.
    Digimon's fanbase is not nearly as huge and only a fraction of that fanbase is super into Digimon Games in general since they are more like the side salad of the franchise and of inconsistent quality at that. And what fraction of those actual Digimon Game enthusiasts would be into that one specific Digimon game you'd want to work on? And how many of people in that fraction have the actual skill to see this kind of project through to the end?
    Consistency between games is another factor here. I can't speak from experience here but given their similarities in gameplay and aesthetics and general compatibility I could imagine that once you are intimately famliliar with inner workings of one Gameboy Pokemon game you'll probably be able to apply much of it to other Pokemon games on the same platform at least (or in any case have a huge advantage). That's not applicable to Digimon either. Digging into Digimon World tells you pretty much nothing about Digimon World 3. Digimon Racing tells you nothing about Digimon Battle Spirit, it's all over the place.
    And we don't have much good candidates either way, since the more modern games tend towards complexity, which means more work for modders, making the technically most accessible games the older ones... what do we have there? We have series of early more "classic" RPGs in form of the Ryo games ... but on the Wonderswan. And how's the Wonderswan hacking scene doing these days? (nope, I've also never heard of it).

    So any complex rom hacking project would have a whole bunch of highly technical research in front of it that few people would be bored enough to waste their time on, especially when most of the games' assets have been ripped years ago and you might as well just stick those into RPG maker without having to deal with any of that.

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    The only Digimon hacks I consider worthy are translations, the early wonderswan Ryo games got some (Tag Tamers got a full translation IIRC, but D-1's got bricked halfway... Or was it the other way?), also, Digimon World: ReDigitize and Digimon Adventure for the PSP are fan-translated. Besides that, you got some little things like Jukebox bug correction or BlackAgumon and BlackGabumon hacked into DW, Jap OST for Rumble Arena and general fixes on DW2, all of them for PSX.

    About Gen3PokeHacks, I remember Dark Risings Worlds Collide, Digimon FireRed and Digimon New World. Also, there's a RPG Maker poke-clone called Your Digital Dream, and I remember a thread in WtW about that.
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