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Thread: Help!-Need help finding a specific Meicoomon scene for AMV

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    Exclamation Help!-Need help finding a specific Meicoomon scene for AMV

    I need help pinpointing where this scene is...First, I made an AMV for a convention, but I was told I have to re-edit it because one single word of subtitle was in there. Granted this was my mistake but they took it super serious..Now I can't track down this scene and I even searched through my Tri episodes on my PC. It is where Meicoomon is being attacked by birds and she freaks out because she is away from Meiko and Meicoomon is in some sort of cage. I need to find that scene again so I can re-edit it and put it back in my AMV without that one single word that made them think that it was that much of a problem and they told me to remove it. If anyone can tell me which one of the movies or "Episodes" it is in I would really appreciate it... I think it is ridiculous that they can't just overlook it..All it is is Meicoomon saying "Mei" and that is it.. There are no other subs in the AMV. Like I said that one stray word was just a mistake.

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    I think what you're talking about is from Part 5 ("episode 20").
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    there is another forest scene with Meicoomon in the beginning of Part 5 (Episode 18)

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