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Thread: 2nd Adventure Escape Room Update, Stickers Reveal Product Art from Memorial Image

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    2nd Adventure Escape Room Update, Stickers Reveal Product Art from Memorial Image

    An escape room update!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The second Digimon Adventure escape room, "Ultimate Decisive Battle- The Greatest Darkness, Apocalymon", will be held March 21st to July 15th at various Nazotomo Cafe locations.

    While it was only announced 2 weeks ago, the new escape room opens in 2 days!

    Since we're so close to release, Nazotomo has begun to update some of the details of it, and for now we get a look at the participation stickers.

    Each person doing the escape room, win or lose, gets one of these 9 stickers at random. 8 of the stickers features artwork from the Adventure 20th Anniversary Memorial image, giving us our first look at some of the art in color, not to mention less cropped for a number of the images. The 9th sticker features Taichi, WarGreymon, and Apocalymon from the key art of the new escape room.

    Beginning on April 20th, the escape room will expand with a drink set and can badges for sale...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The 600 yen drink set (with straw holder and coaster) will return, featuring the same drink selection as before:
    Orange Juice
    Apple Juice
    Oolong tea
    Coffee (hot or cold)
    Tea (hot or cold)

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The can badges will be random packed for 400 yen each.

    For both the drink set and the can badges you can choose if your random selection will come from the set of 9 from the original escape room (featuring the classic Adventure profile art, plus the escape room key art), or the set of 9 from the new escape room (almost certainly featuring the same images as the new participation stickers.)

    More to come!

    Prior details on the 2nd escape room can be found here.
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