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Thread: Can anyone help me with DigiEgg Matching in Dawn/Dusk?

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    Can anyone help me with DigiEgg Matching in Dawn/Dusk?

    Before anyone tells me that the Wi-Fi service shut down, yes, I know, but you can still play DS games online by following this tutorial here (you will still need a connection with WEP or no security for this game, though):
    Anyway, I'm in need of some Dawn exclusives, particularly Chibomon, Sunmon, Kudamon, and Guilmon. So, if anyone had an Apollomon, a random Digimon under Lv.15, and a random Digimon above Lv.15, I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks for reading, and if anyone has any matching requests of their own I'd love to see if I can help out.
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    Hello. I don't know if you still check in, but I have Dawn and have been in need of some Dusk-specific Digimon such as Moonmon, Kuramon, Tsumemon, etc that can be found in Process Factory or Magnet Mine, which Dawn doesn't have, as well as from some Digieggs. So if you're still in need of this, I'd be happy to do some Digiegg Matching. Hopefully the wifi tutorial still works.
    Though I checked and our wifi has WPA2 instead of WEP like we used to; will that not work?
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