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Thread: Digital Monster X discussion

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    Digital Monster X discussion

    The Digital Monster X is now officially out and many users already have theirs. More people will be getting theirs in the coming weeks, so this thread will be used for all general discussion related to the Digital Monster X. This would include just chatting about the device and its features, posting neat information you discover about it, sharing evolution results and asking for help with specific functions of the device. For official information about the device, please view Bandai's product page here: https://p-bandai.com/sg/item/N2461450001001

    Since this is a brand new device, we have relatively little information so share away with whatever you can find! Wikimon has been updated to include operation instructions, so check there for a general overview of how to use the device.

    Evolution guide, operation guide and more can be found here: https://humulos.com/digimon/

    This is the first new brand new, non-anniversary Vpet in nearly 10 years, which is very exciting! Have fun everyone!
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