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Thread: Digital Monster X discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by humulos View Post
    Only at first. A traited egg raises the minimum level to 3 instead of 1, but once you level up your Digimon past level 3, there's no longer a difference between a traited Digimon and a non-traited one. In addition, I learned a lot about Power on this device over the weekend, was able to do a lot of testing. As usual, every Digimon has a base power, and it ranges from 4 to 220 on this device (you can go here to see a list of Power values: https://humulos.com/digimon/dmx/list/). You can give your Digimon +16 power by filling it's Strength meter to the max. Anything less than max, and you won't have that +16 bonus. This is different from the Pen20, in which each strength heart was a +4 bonus independently. You can also get up to +30 Power through leveling up. Concerning leveling up, each level up grants a specific bonus, except for level 6 which grants two bonuses. These bonuses stack, and vary between HP, Power and Attack. HP is self explanatory, and each evolutionary stage has a specific base HP. (10 for Baby II/ Child, 12 for Adult, 15 for Perfect, 18 for Ultimate, 20 for Super Ultimate). Power determines the likelihood of your attacks hitting. If your power is higher than your opponent's, you will likely connect with more of your shots. It's not a sure thing though, as the number of hits vs misses in battle is mostly random, high power just moves the odds in your favor. It's pretty much impossible for me to exactly determine how various differences in power affect this, but you can assume that the higher your power is compared to your enemy, the higher chance of more hits. Lastly, attack is how much damage each shot does. All Digimon have the same attack values to start, so a Baby II will deal as much damage as a Super Ultimate if they are using the same attack. Bonuses per level are below, I've also documented this here: https://humulos.com/digimon/dmx/manual/
    Level Exp Needed Increases
    1 0
    2 50 HP+2
    3 150 Power+10
    4 500 Attack+1
    5 800 HP+2
    6 1000 HP+2, Power+10
    7 1500 Attack+1
    8 2000 HP+2
    9 3000 Power+10
    10 5000 HP+2
    wait, you are saying diablomon can have 266 of power? ins't the max 255 of hexadecimal code (11111111)?

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    You are absolutely correct, and you just helped me solve a mystery we had a few weeks ago. Looks like the devices have a hilarious glitch that was not accounted for in the programming. The power value indeed is only 8 bits long, and Diablomon's normally looks like this.


    That would be 220. If we add the 30 bonus power associated with being level, it becomes 250, like this:


    Now if you use a standard Binary calculator, and add 16 to that, we get this:


    But that requires at least 9 bits to express, and as stated, power only has 8 bits, so we drop the first 4 bits of that 12 bit value and are left with this:


    That number is of course, not 266, but is a mere 10. Before we fully understood the code, we got a Diablomon with a power of 10, and weren't sure why. We chalked it up to it being a debug Digimon but nope, looks like it was just TOOOO powerful. I'm going to do some practice battles tonight to see if this actually means he would lose more battles due to his power, but based on everything I see it sure looks like that would be the case! I'll update with what I find out.
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