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Thread: Neemon from Frontier Rough Design Artwork, Shows Facial Expressions!

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    Neemon from Frontier Rough Design Artwork, Shows Facial Expressions!

    More Frontier art!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This time we get to see some rough artwork of someone who isn't one of the main Digimon forms of the kids... It's Neemon!

    The rough Neemon artwork is borderline identical to his final design (in fact, the first drawing in the image looks nearly identical to his final Bandai profile art.)

    The artwork also shows off various facial expressions. They note that he appears very expressive.

    More early Frontier art to come hopefully, since there are some obvious character choices left in the 2 weeks before the set is out...

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    Neemon was such a weird design for Digimon.
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    Bokomon and Neemon were... interesting. Not surprising there was less of a design process for them, since they didn't have quite as much going on.

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    I recall when I first saw Neamon as I kid, I didn't understand why he looked like a sleepy bunny...after I realized years later than "Ne" comes from 'sleep' lol I have always loved the relationship a la 'Love and Marriage' that had Bokomon & Neamon in the series hahahah

    Ps. Waiting for more arts for the Legendary Warriors!

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    Shini has some point. I want to see the main digimon more since these two are such an easy design.

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