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Thread: Bulcomon's Ultimate Form from Encounters

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    This is interesting. Can't wait to see once there's a bigger/better picture. Glad we have all of them now though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow Hawk View Post
    Gasp... Wait Bulcomon's Ultimate form, IceLordmon didn't have Dra or Dragon thingies? Although he is Ice Dragon? Wow. Like Guilmon's!
    It doesn't have the '龙' in the name like his previous evolutions, but yeah probably it's a similar case like with Guilmon and Dukemon.

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    Kinda wish they'd get more creative and make more digimon that are like monsters instead of all these humanoid, mech-knight looking ones.

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    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the line of Blucomon (but for the Rookie form) because they don't look like Digimon-esque to me but more like Gormiti, but hey exclusive Digimon is always welcome! Also Digimon is well know for its wide range of different design styles so. I think I need a better sight of the Ultimate form and the others to see if I get used to it.

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    You know, the more I see these knight-like Digimon, the more I think there's gonna be a Neo Royal Knights/Royal Lords group forming.

    First RagnaLordmon, now LordIcemon.

    What's next, Herrismon's Mega being LordFerromon?
    Pokémon fan at heart, but growing to like Digimon.

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    Aside from their knightly aesthetics, all of the Royal Knights are classified as Holy Knight-type Digimon. While not mandatory, if not a central theme, large Digimon groups will usually at least share the same type: Holy Knight for Royal Knights, God Man for Olympos XII, Demon Lord for the SGDL (Warrior Ten are an exception, but their diversity in Digimon species/types is part of the theme). I highly doubt that "LordIcemon" will share RagnaLordmon's Unique-type, which seems to represent Digimon that "should not exist."

    On a side note, ReArise's story seems to be ramping up. We might see Herissmon's Mega soon (or at least, a dark evolution Mega).

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