A few more small updates...

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We start with a bit more production artwork for Digimon Frontier!

This time they tease us with early rough draft designs of a certain 'white' Digimon.

They don't tell us who he is though... maybe the second design will help...

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Well, they still don't tell us who he is, but the word 'Ice' is written on both of them, and the second one has a rather cute and amusing appearance...

Between the mention of ice, white, that the second image is a bear, along with the chest design on the first image being somewhat similiar to the sigil on his chest, we can likely safely guess that these are early 'unnamed' designs that were being drawn up for the Digimon who eventually became Chakmon.

Update- They've posted that it was indeed Chakmon and showed off some Chakmon art!

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They posted how you can see Chakmon's design overall was decided through via trial and error on trying different things.

Early name candidates for him were based off polar bears, Polarmon and Shirokumon. (Shirokuma being the Japanese word for polar bear.)

They also mention how the head design on his forehead was based on someone from the staff's 'business card', and how even the name of Chakmon can be taken as being from that staff member. Based on confirmation in the past from various people regarding the head symbol, this would be Tamers series composer Chiaka Konaka (who has himself pointed out the head symbol connection in the past.) Konaka and his brother made the movie 'Kuma-Chang' many years ago, and they consider the bear their symbol (or 'calling card' as it were.)

With a few weeks left, hopefully we will get more early Frontier art!

Pre-orders are available for the Digimon Frontier Blu-ray box. It will be available April 2nd, 2019 for 53,800 yen. Early versions of the box will include the new Frontier audio drama: (Affiliate link)
Digimon Frontier Blu-ray Box

We hope to do a breakdown of this release like we do for many media releases, including last year's Digimon Tamers Blu-ray Box. If you are able to, donating or joining our Patreon can be a big help.

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Next up, a bit of an update for the next Ayumi Miyazaki concert event...

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Show You My Brave Hearts Volume 4 will take place at the Shibuya Rex on on June 22nd.

Those who purchase S tickets will get a complimentary keychain featuring Stradion, Miyazaki's mascot character designed by Kenji Watanabe.

Prior updates, with ticket details, can be found here.