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Thread: Couple of Updates- Frontier Chakmon Art, Plus Stradion Miyazaki 20th Keychain

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    I come from the net
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    ...Icemon likes this design. heh heh Really though, that's actually kind of nice. I wonder if we can fit that first design before or after Blizzardmon.

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    The first pic, like I said before, looks more like Strabimon then it does with Chakmon.
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    Chackmon beta designs are so radically different compared to the final design lol As much as I like them, esp. the chimerical creature, I'm very fond of Chackmon so it's fine to me like this. Worth mentioning the former reminds me a lot like a fusion of Garurumon, Lekismon and Rinkmon. I'm really looking forward to know more about the others Spirits, more in particular Fairymon & Ranamon.

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