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Thread: Design-Related Things

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    Design-Related Things

    Hi, there. Are there any "design nerds" out here on this site? I am one. I have a thing for sports logos, uniforms, all things design-related, which just adds to the fact that I am, metaphorically speaking, a man of many hats as far as what he likes.

    https://imgur.com/FuJXld5 -and- https://imgur.com/FhVXzxD - For instance, I like typefaces. The first one is ITC Avant Garde, the second is Kabel Black.
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    Well I minored in Graphic Design. Does that count? Lol

    I really like logos too. I had originally planned on having Graphic Design be my major but I didn't feel like it was a good fit. It was mostly because all my classes were heavily focused on corporate design and typography, which I really didn't enjoy. I used to like typography but those classes kinda ruined it for me. I switched my major to art and doing that really opened up possibilities for my design style. It let me be a lot more creative and I could work on projects I enjoyed
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