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Thread: Frontier Episode 50 HD Remaster TV Airing Details

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    Spline is generally great for a quick DVD stretch, but it tends to not be accurate to how it's actually watched on a modern TV (not saying anything else would be an objectively better choice though, as footage in motion tends to have a significantly different look with the way TVs and players scale things in hardware.) People tend to like to scale it to up 1080 with Lanczos (while not necessarily accurate to DVD scaling on a modern set, it's a reasonable facsimile.)

    The issue with downscaling (or even just comparing it to an upscaled DVD), is the TV rip at 1080 obviously don't look right, because of how much it's been altered off the Blu-ray masters, while taking it to 720 has a tendency to hide actual issues and give the appearance of potentially looking better than it really would be when viewed or scaled back up.

    Adventure looked perfectly fine for what it was and is exactly what was expected. It's 480 composite video.

    The honest expectation of what to expect for Frontier is exactly what it was for Tamers. Almost no production processes changed between the shows, and it's unlikely they'd put in much time or effort to play with the upscaling filters they used for Tamers.
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    Yeah, and Tokyo MX isnt the best channel + it's not the BD, so... But even with this, Frontier wasn't animated to air as 1080p, so, even with the bluray i'd downscale it haha

    And the problem with Adventure, is that the filters fuck up the original drawing, i mean, it seems a watercolor picture haha,the DVD is better

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