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Thread: It's the 20th Anniversary of the first Digimon Adventure Movie!

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    It's the 20th Anniversary of the first Digimon Adventure Movie!

    Well, that was a fun day!

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    It's March 6th, which is the release date of the first Digimon Adventure film in Japan!

    It's been the 6th for a bit in Japan (hence the huge wave of news earlier), but is just hitting it for many of us. The Bandai Digimon Twitter posted a fantastic little image of Koromon and Parrotmon, the Digimon that starred in the film.

    The movie premiered as part of the '99 Spring Toei Anime Fair.

    The film was used as the 1st of 3 parts for the American composite Digimon the Movie, and overall due to early fan confusion about how it was released in Japan, seems to be the one most likely to be incorrectly labeled an OVA (although it seems to happen to all the Digimon movies to some degree.)

    Directed by Mamoru Hosoda, it centered on Taichi and Hikari finding a digiegg, and the monsters eventual growth and battle with Parrotmon.

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    The movie seems to connect with people in a different way than much of the franchise, likely based on the fact that it tends to feel more akin to a Godzilla-style kaiju film from the perspective of kids (especially later in the film), rather than what the franchise became known for, ironic in that the film only premiered the day before the television series Digimon Adventure began, likely being seen by few people before they had become introduced to the anime series.

    It's an interesting short story that the writers of the show used various elements from as the show went on, later using the story as part of the explanation for 'why' the children were chosen in the first place (and giving the head writer an obvious character to use as the eight child with Hikari.)

    More anniversary stuff to come!

    After the release of the movie as part of a larger Digimon movie Blu-ray Box, it was later re-released as a single along with the second Digimon Adventure film, also directed by Hosoda! Those are still available: (affiliate links)
    Digimon the Movies Blu-ray Box
    Digimon Adventure Movies 1 and 2 Blu-ray
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    Happy 20 years!

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    Happy 20 years!

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    Happy 20th!

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    Happy 20th anniversary!

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    I'll usually watch this lil' featurette whenever a major Digi-anniversary rolls around (which, lately, has been near-annually with all the 15th and 20th celebrations).

    I love the simplicity of Digimon Adventure: The Movie; even now, there's no better "gateway" project to introduce new fans to this franchise. A monster comes to the human world and two children try to take care of it. It's a basic, charming story that pays homage to the V-Pets while endearing us to its small cast of three characters. There's a refreshingly low amount of dialogue, but Fujita, Araki, and Sakamoto are adorable and make the best of what they're given. I love the use of "Boléro" as a theme for the Digital World's influence on the human world, and Arisawa gives us a very good arrangement of the piece. The storyboard is just top-notch, and there's no better person to bring it all to life than Hosoda.

    I can't say enough nice things about this thing.
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    Happy 20th to all of the physical gods in digital form!

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    Hooray! That sure is a while but nice to hear this. ...How long has it been since the US dub?

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