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Thread: Second Adventure Escape Room Anounced, Apocalymon as the villain!

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    Second Adventure Escape Room Anounced, Apocalymon as the villain!

    Big day!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    After teasing it a few months ago, a second Digimon Adventure escape room has been announced!

    The new artwork shows off Taichi, WarGreymon, and Apocalymon! They also have a bit of flavor text... "The next enemy is Apocalymon, the final boss!"

    The new art of WarGreymon and Apocalymon looks pretty great, but Taichi looks a little stretched out and doofy.

    The new escape room is called "Ultimate Decisive Battle- The Greatest Darkness, Apocalymon".

    This time it will be held March 21st to July 15th at various Nazotomo Cafe locations- Shinjuku, Shibuya, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Namba.

    They describe the new escape room as such...
    Following the battle with Pinocchimon, the final boss Apocalymon stands in front of the partner Digimon and Taichi!

    A story mission unfolds in a dedicated mystery room, where you will have to help the children stop the crisis of the worlds destruction!

    While also giving the story of the new room...
    Suddenly Taichi was dropped in a dimensional distortion... What appeared was the combination of the species that were destroyed during evolution... Apocalymon, a creature the existence of whom distorts the world...

    Can the children go back to their original world safely before the overwhelming might and power of Apocalymon?

    The difficulty of the new escape room they rank 4 out of 5, and everyone who participates gets 1 of 9 stickers at random.

    They also give details for a few collaboration items...

    The drink sets will return..

    A choice of orange juice, apple juice, oolong tea, hot or cold coffee, hot or cold tea, with a themed staw holder and coaster for 600 yen. There will be 9 designs, given at random. You can also choose to receive one of the 9 from the original escape room.

    On top of that, there will be 9 new can badges, given out at random for 400 yen. The old can badges will also be available.

    Also, the escape room art in 2 other formats from that above...

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    With it opening in just a few weeks, more to come!
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    yes!! I finally have the chance to be part of that when I visit Japan in May

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    I am the ultimate evil, complete with hot and cold running water.

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    I come from the net
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    Apocalymon sure look scary and epic. But I thought it was only cape until I noticed that cape is actually flesh and part of his skin.... How interesting.

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    So WarGreymon's helmet does let his (its?) maw open.

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    I come from the net
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    That is awesome. Never going to get to try this but still, it's pretty cool they're doing it again.

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    That's nice... I don't know how big of a thing escape rooms are in Japan I guess that tells us that first one was a success. I'm kind of interested how well the theme is integrated into the room and the riddles. I had a kind of disappointing experience with that with an escape room I went to (even though playing was still fun), where besides the decorations most puzzles just didn't feel coherent or even relevant to what the story was supposed to be and there wasn't much of one either.

    Quote Originally Posted by DigiKing Tamer View Post
    So WarGreymon's helmet does let his (its?) maw open.
    Yes. I don't think we see it in the Anime but we knew he could do it for quite some time

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    All i can imagine is apocalymon screaming SUNSCREEN

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