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Thread: Adventure 20th Teaser Trailer, Cast, and Website Update

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    I wonder what the movie will be about. I hope it will clear some question that has been moving around, like the fake Gentai's goal and about the 02 cast.

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    Sounds more and more like a single film/movie to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digimon'sDigitalWill View Post
    Sounds more and more like a single film/movie to me.
    So far, it seems to be a single film.

    However, it could be more if this movie is succesful.

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    oh boy this is another level of typo
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    Quote Originally Posted by DATS24 View Post
    oh boy this is another level of typo
    How so? It's a typo.

    It's effectively the most basic error someone can make working on a computer.

    Although that does show how fun the announcements were today. The primary complaint from social media, etc. is 'THEY MADE A TYPO!' and try to act like it's somehow crazy or unimaginable.
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    I can't get over how much I love that teaser artwork. The designs in tri. were a fun experiment, and I enjoyed them at their best, but this approach is just flawless. I especially love the changes to Agumon's size and posture; he looks more like an actual dinosaur now, more monster-like. I don't think the character's ever looked better. Likewise, Taichi looks spectacular, a logical progression of his Adventure 02 design. Nakatsuru and Watanabe did great. The illustration itself captures the intended tone of "bittersweet nostalgia" perfectly.

    Also encouraging is the producer's comment about prioritizing fun, which gives me hope that this is a standalone movie and not a multi-film epic that collapses upon itself. I'd love for this movie to just be "fun". Obviously, the characters need some sort of arc, but tri. fell into such hammy melodrama that I mentally checked out a little over halfway through.

    I'm ready to give the tri. voice actors a second chance, so I'm glad they're being kept here. But I'm still holding on hope that there'll be a flashback scene or something that allows the actors for the original kids to reprise their roles (with archival audio used for those who have left us).

    Very excited to see what comes from this.
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    A post and the replies to said post have been removed. The nitpicking is to cease as it's just another way to snipe that we've warned about several times before. If you are having to do that constantly, maybe you need to rethink the fandom you are in.

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    Dragon Ball Super: Broly was fantastic so for the love of all that is just PLEASE let this be great too.

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