More early art!

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With just under a month to go until the Digimon Frontier Blu-ray box is out, Bandai pulled out more art from their archives to share with everyone!

Early designs for Wolfmon! They point out the overall direction for Wolfmon's design was almost unchanged from the initial rough design (above.) Even comparing it to final art for him, while there are lots of little changes (tweaking armor, streamlining elements of the helmet, etc.) the overall design looks very much like the final version of Wolfmon.

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After the second rough they ended up going with human styled pupils in his eyes.

It's interesting that Agnimon had major changes with only a few small visible touches leftover from early rough designs, while Wolfmon was 'mostly' fully formed from moment one.

Another nice bit of behind the scenes art for Frontier! Hopefully more to come!

Pre-orders are available for the Digimon Frontier Blu-ray box. It will be available April 2nd, 2019 for 53,800 yen. Early versions of the box will include the new Frontier audio drama: (Affiliate link)
Digimon Frontier Blu-ray Box

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