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Thread: 19th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure: Children's War Game!

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    19th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure: Children's War Game!

    Almost there...

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    It's March 4th, which is the day Children's War Game (or Our War Game), the second Digimon Adventure film, opened in Japan.

    Generally held up as one of the best, if not 'the' best, parts of the franchise, Children's War Game premiered as part of the 2000 Spring Toei Anime Fair.

    The film was used as the 2nd of 3 parts for the American composite Digimon the Movie, and was the part of the film that was most heavily advertised around.

    The film led to director Mamoru Hosoda ending up at Studio Ghibli for a short time, before his eventual rise into being one of the better known Japanese directors.

    The film seemed to have stuck with Hosoda to a decent degree though, as he's actually remade it twice!

    First as the (slightly less well known) short film Superflat Monogram in collaboration with Louis Vuitton and artist Takashi Murakami (Hosoda once commented that the way that happened was Murakami saw the film, and later when Louis Vuitton wanted to work with him, the presentation Murakami made involved the Digimon film, which is what later led to Hosoda being involved.)

    Second is as the feature film Summer Wars, which is an expanded 'Digimon free remake' of the film, which was a well liked and successful feature film.

    Various aspects of the visuals from the second Digimon film continue to show up through Hosoda's work, and the film continues to be something he's asked about at Q&A events.

    The second theatrical Digimon film seem to be what the franchise looks to on a normal basis at what to aim for, as you can see it acting as a guide for numerous Digimon content, from various films, to Cyber Sleuth, to tri., to Appmon, and that likely won't stop based on it's popularity.

    Just the beginning of fun anniversary things!

    After the release of the movie as part of a larger Digimon movie Blu-ray Box, it was later re-released as a single along with the first Digimon Adventure film, also directed by Hosoda! Those are still available: (affiliate links)
    Digimon the Movies Blu-ray Box
    Digimon Adventure Movies 1 and 2 Blu-ray
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    Go back to the beginning!

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    beginning of Omegamon hype...

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    That's cool. Huh. Sure has been a while. Expected-ly so but still.

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    Happy 19 years! Sorry for the delay.

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    Happy 19th to the movie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugenlazlo View Post
    Go back to the beginning!
    Best quotes from each of y2k bugís forms


    So you like to play games huh?

    Iím looking for the programmer, donít interfere...

    who can count backwards from ten?

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    I never got that last line. Any idiot can count backwards from ten. The original "which one has the clock" made a lot more sense.
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    Growing up I had the Engrish "Digimon: The Movie" version of it and even then I felt like Diablomon's oneliners were useless banter. The first time I saw it in its original form years later, it was so refreshing to me for some reason that he never gave any banter at all. Plus, I think the computerised voice saying "Moshi-moshi" was a nice touch and seems more like what he'd actually do.

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