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Thread: Mimi & Jou Rainy Days Art for 20th Stationery, Plus 20th Staff Message & Image

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    Mimi & Jou Rainy Days Art for 20th Stationery, Plus 20th Staff Message & Image

    More updates

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Another batch of art from Sunstar for their upcoming Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary stationery products!

    As mentioned previously, the theme of the art is 'Rainy Days'.

    This time we get to see Mimi and Palmon being fashionable in the rain, plus Jou and Gomamon, who got caught in sudden rain, although Gomamon doesn't seem to mind as much as Jou...

    More to come for the stationery!

    On top of that, a short message from the Digimon Adventure 20th staff Twitter!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    "As 2019 goes by, in the blink of an eye it's March isn't it. 20 years ago on March 6, 1999, the first movie "Digimon Adventure" premiered of course! There were a lot of announcements the last few days, and we feel there's still more for you, the fans, to look forward to for the 20th anniversary"

    They also included 3 hashtags- #デジモン #デジアド20 #仕事中 , which translates to 'Digimon', then 'Digi Ado' (the first 2 letters from both Digimon and Adventure), and last is 'working'.

    It's also worth mentioning, I believe that pen in the image is new, so perhaps it's from the upcoming stationery products?

    No doubt more to come for the 20th soon...

    Thanks to shin for the translation of the staff message.

    The announcement of the Rainy Days stationery, with Taichi and Yamato art can be found here.
    The update with Sora and Koushiro art can be found here.
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    I like how Jou has the Crest of Sincerity (Reliability in the English dubs) on his wristband; that's a nice touch. :-)

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    Ha ha ha. Poor Joe. I thought that would happen. But Mimi is nice too. Fits her.

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    Mimi and Palmon perfectly coordinate! Love the colours and stylings - very well done!

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