It's been a heavy few days for news, and we get another small but interesting thing...

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Premium Bandai has put up a survey for overseas (not in Japan) customers.

As they've done before the questions seem tailored to figure out if it's worth their effort to sell products directly from the Premium Bandai store to fans overseas, along with how we find out about Premium Bandai products (since they aren't tailored or aimed at those of us outside of Japan, except in the case of a limited number of items.)

It actually appears to be the same survey from last time (with the same url), possibly with a few minor tweaks.

Digimon is one of the brands that is selectable in the survey for brands people like.

No guarantees anything will come of it, but best to let them know we are interested!

The Premium Bandai store is one of the signature places where new Digimon products, many exclusive, are made available. Ordering from them is often expensive, not just because of the exclusivity of the items, but because you have to shop via an intermediary which costs extra for various reasons.

Premium Bandai USA was revamped last year, and finally included a Digimon product, the Digital Monster X.

Thanks to DigiSoul for the heads up.