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Thread: Savers Agumon Statue back on display at Toei Animation Museum

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    Savers Agumon Statue back on display at Toei Animation Museum

    Another museum update...

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    The Toei Animation Museum has announced that that Savers Agumon statue is back on display.

    A couple weeks ago the statue was removed for unspecified reasons, along with that they planned to return it to display by the end of February.

    It's not only back on display (along with a few new non-Digimon additions around the courtyard), it's been moved to a new location next to the digitama bench.

    There still hasn't been any mention of why it was removed, but they do reiterate to please not ride the statue, kick the statue, or do anything else which may damage any exhibits.
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    Thank God they brought it back.

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    Seems like a less premium space than it previously occupied? Definitely works better in the space it has now though.

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    Great. It's back and in a better place. Glad it actually did come back.

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