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Thread: Exclusive Digimon Adventure 20th Products at Village Vanguard, More Teased

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    Exclusive Digimon Adventure 20th Products at Village Vanguard, More Teased

    Time for stuff to buy!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    With the 20th Anniversary about to properly begin, it's time for products!

    As we found out earlier, there will be pop-up shop 'like' events happening, with one of them at Village Vanguard.

    Village Vanguard will have a number of exclusive Digimon Adventure 20th products beginning on March 6th.

    Village Vanguard has numerous stores, and the page for the collaboration mentions to contact specific stores for details for that store. It might also be worth checking their online store once the collaboration begins.

    The products feature sprite artwork featured on the collaboration banner above, which features the name Village Vanguard in the style of the Adventure logo, along with the 20th logo.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    First up, acrylic keychains of sprites of the 8 kids! These are 700 yen each and blindpacked.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Then we get the ever reliable to make an appearance can badges! This set has matching sprites of the 8 partner Digimon. They are 450 yen each and blindpacked.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    For 800 yen you get 2 rolls of themed washi/masking tape. One roll features the kids, the other the Digimon.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The lat exclusive item are acrylic stands. Each stand includes both the chosen child and the Digimon. All 8 are blindpacked and 700 yen each.

    On top of that the various recent plushes will also be made available...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    For the standard small plushes:
    Agumon- 1,800yen
    Gabumon- 2,600 yen
    Piyomon- 2,000 yen
    Palmon- 2,000 yen
    Gomamon- 1,800 yen
    Tentomon- 2,600 yen
    Patamon- 1,600 yen
    Tailmon- 1,800 yen

    The Patamon and Terriermon cushions will each be 4,800 yen.

    The Patamon and Togemon tissue box holders will be 4,000 yen each.

    Village Vanguard and Toei don't list an end date for the exclusive products, but they do mention that the stuff that has been announced for March 6th is only phase 1, with phase 2 planned for April 20th... so more to come...

    Thanks to shin for the translations.
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    Not a huge fan of the current offerings, but I really like the key art they have going on for this, so that's good. Wonder what else they'll dish out.

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    I'm a Maniac AppliFang's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Finally get my hands on the dolls ^^ and....tissue cases!!

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    I come from the net
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    Sep 2006
    Ha. Pixel art. That's fun. Plus, stuffed animal versions. Yay those are fun and cute.

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    I'm a Maniac AppliFang's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Checked two stores today and they didnt have the tissue cases Dx lol

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    I come from the net Py687's Avatar
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    That Togemon tissue case makes me think I'm pulling out a gag in its mouth

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