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Thread: 3D Printed Digivice Tri

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoDL View Post
    I mean definitely in the minority with my opinion here. It's just my personal preference to avoid seams rather than support material.
    Hey, that's what having a 3D Printer is all about. Making it your way.
    This is a pretty good model to leave unpainted I think.

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    You know, I was just looking at the artwork for the digivice for my own project and I noticed that the actual artwork shows a seam there right down the middle. So I mean printing the main piece in two parts actually works to give it more accuracy to the original

    Now that has me wondering if the creators designed the digivice keeping in mind the way the toy/prop would be produced... I guess since it's basically a Tamagotchi that might be the case or it could be the other way around, designing it based on the way the cases of Tamagotchis were put together
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