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Thread: Early Info from April V-Jump- Adventure 20th & Survive Updates, More Images & Info

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    Early Info from April V-Jump- Adventure 20th & Survive Updates, More Images & Info

    A bit of early info...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Not much in the way of images yet, but we have a decent bit of information from the upcoming issue of V-Jump!

    First up, since we have the image. ReArise will have an Omegamon event along with bringing in various Adventure Digimon for the upcoming 20th anniversary. The 20th Anniversary content will include movie, 02, and tri. Digimon.

    And Linkz is also showing off various X-Antibody Royal Knights, including Jesmon X.

    As for what we don't have images of...

    First up is Digimon Adventure 20th related stuff.

    Beginning March 6th (the release date of the original Adventure film), the Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Project will officially begin.

    It appears the new V-Jump also has a new memorial image for the 20th Anniversary project, which we hope to have soon. (Assuming this isn't a mistranslation for something to be released on the 6th. It's also possible it's in V-Jump as a preview with the image being released elsewhere on the 6th.)

    Also on March 6th, Village Vanguard will begin a collaboration event. They previously have had a number of exclusive Digimon items.

    A collaboration with GraffArt is beginning on March 20th. GraffArts is a hobby store and cafe, so what form the collaboration might take will be interesting to see, but it's mentioned that there will be many limited edition products.

    Plus yet another collaboration has been announced, this time with Tower Records Cafe.

    So plenty of Adventure 20th stuff is coming soon!

    On top of the Adventure 20th info, we get an update on Digimon Survive.

    Survive is still in the midst of development and a number of system changes have been made to improve gameplay. No further information is available for now.

    Interestingly there is no specific information (as of yet) if this equates to a delay, or just an explanation for the long run of silence regarding Survive lately.

    More V-Jump info and images soon hopefully.

    Thanks to ayushi for the translation, a Weibo user for the image, and ryokutya2089 for the other info.

    Update- More from a new V-Jump issue thanks to akatuki_d30.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The ReArise and Linkz portion we previously had.

    At the bottom left they show the previous social media art of various Digimon cats. They will be having an image corner with Digimon in V-Jump in the future with relevant images. They chose this one because February 22nd in Japan is Cat Day!

    We also get the passcode for NEO's Copymon in the 20th Pendulum... It's 382594.

    The 20th Anniversary stuff on the other side we've detailed earlier tonight:
    Adventure 20th Memorial Image
    Exclusive Digimon Adventure 20th Products at Village Vanguard, More Teased
    Exclusive Digimon Adventure 20th Products at GraffArt, Plus Key Art!

    They also list at the top right previous notable years for Adventure. 1999 is when Adventure began, 2000 is when 02 began, 2014 is when the 15th Anniversary happened and tri. was announced, and 2015 was when tri. began.

    While it isn't detailed further, we can also see in the image the mention of the upcoming Tower Records Cafe event, which we have no further details of for now.
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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    At last we get some news on Digimon Survive. As I told before on Twitter, I really hope for more obtainable Digimon (at least +200) and a little more redefined battle system. I don't mind waiting whatever it takes.

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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    Survive exists!!! Plz give us art of Saki and Floramon. Also feel like it's delayed.

    I wonder if the Rearise adventure thing is supposed to be the actual characters? It does show Tentomon talking to Herissmon. Make an Ordinemon model plz

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    I'm going digital Rohan's Avatar
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    Good to hear that Survive still exists.

    I'm happy to wait as long as necessary if they don't feel it's good enough to show off yet.

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    I feel like they're being coy on purpose and Survive will be delayed, ugh. I wanted that sweet summer release date...

    Looking forward to the 20th Adventure collabs!

    And is ReArise gonna get localized or what, man.

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    I'm going digital Vaioumon's Avatar
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    Whew, still Survivin'.

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    Updated with another image and more info. Also fixed a typo (called Linkz ReArise.)
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    Completely digital
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    in other words, Survive is in a dormant state, in which they're planning with some direction changes. Hence we didn't get information so far since they couldn't announce something that would be eventually changed in middle production.

    I'm both happy and sad.

    Happy bcos they can concentrate better on making the game more refined and not half-assed like Next 0rder. As well as doing better hardware optimization since they're planning a multiplatform release (PS4, Switch, X1, PC).

    Sad bcos Survive was created with intention to keep the hype of digimon game before the appearance of new digimon story later on 2020 (or probably 2021 since it's the 15th anniv of the story series), but since it's dormant with no information updates so far, the release date could be eventually delayed to 2020, and in 2019 there will be no digimon games released at all, which quite kill the hype.

    I'm also aware that they're working on both new digimon story and digimon survive, so I guess this is a big challenge for Lord Habumon and Tsuzuki-san.

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