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Thread: Toei USA Shows off Anniversaries on their Website

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    Toei USA Shows off Anniversaries on their Website

    Small update...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Toei USA has changed the first image on the rotating themebox on their website to show off the anniversaries this year for some of their biggest anime franchises.

    Digimon and One Piece for each being 20 years old, and DBZ being 30 years old.

    Each show gets shown off with their standard English logo, their anniversary logo, along with a themed background.

    Nothing super new here for us, as we've seen the logo before. But we do get another appearance of the newer themeing for the brand in the US with the hexagon background and angled text, which also showed up on the packaging for the new Season 1 keychains.

    Hopefully more 20th Anniversary news soon!

    Thanks to our friends at Digimon World Espana for the heads up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Hopefully more 20th Anniversary news soon!
    And Merch!
    Good to see that they are at least aware.

    Exited to see what the 20th could bring.

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    I'm glad they noticed it. And yeah, Merch. That would be nice. Always.

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