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Thread: Savers Agumon Statue Temporarily Removed from Toei Animation Museum

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    Savers Agumon Statue Temporarily Removed from Toei Animation Museum

    Small museum update...

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    The Toei Animation Museum has announced that that Savers Agumon statue that's on display will be temporarily removed.

    They don't specify why, but a good guess might be to add additional weather clearcoating to it so the statue doesn't degrade.

    The museum expects the statue to return at the end of February, but adds that they will tweet when it returns.

    The text written out in leaves says Agumon (アグモン).
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    Well that stinks.

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    Junior Commander frankiemon827's Avatar
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    well at least it should be there when I visit the museum in May

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    I'm totally digging the notice in the corner asking for visitors NOT to ride the Agumon.

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