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Thread: Ideal Digimon World Game Pitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by DATS24 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by McGann View Post

    To an extent, Digimon did give you hints about evolution in DW, and the higher your prosperity, the better the advice. That's something that could be expanded upon and paced better; getting more specific advice as you populate the city.

    However, I'm not sure giving vague suggestions is such a great idea. When I first got World, the book said to get Meramon, you needed low weight and high offence. But I had no idea what constituted either of those things. For Greymon it said, "has a routine life-style", which I understand now probably meant, "equal stat distribution and well cared for", but I didn't know that at the time.
    tbh I didn't really see the evolution hints in DW in the first play, sure they had it later, but never really in the first play or probably I missed it?

    the problem is that such evo guides in DW were on a guide book, not in game itself.
    Yeah. It wasn't really much. And it was nothing you wouldn't have worked out on your own by the time you had enough prosperity to get the advice.

    And just to clarify, the Evolution tips I mention were in the game manual, not the strategy guide, if that's what you thought.

    Re: Digitize did something similar too. When you achieved an evolution, it would say, high this, moderate that. I actually think your "once you achieve the evolution, the stats are revealed" is a better solution. There tends to be a continuity to stat requirements around earlier levels (focused stats for Baby>Rookie, 100 points in one or two stats for Rookie>Champion), while Ultimates and certain Champions require something more complex.

    So giving you the stats once you've attained them not only gives you a solid goal to work towards for the next life cycle if you're so inclined, but also helps you build up an understanding of what you should be aiming for when trying to attain other Digimon.
    as far as I played re:digi I never noticed something like that, or probably I was missing it again.

    I was also thinking that this NPC only helps you to reach a locked evolution route (except some special circumstances for example like DW1's Kunemon). So once you have the same digimon again at its later gen, this NPC can recommend you to attain another digimon until all its evo unlocked.

    oh yeah, I also miss slide evolution, it still feel somewhat quirky in the original game that a digimon can transform into another same stage digimon when something occurs, like how Angemon can slide evo into Devimon, I would like these special circumstances evo/slide evo to come back, so it will increase the surprise effect more, without being told (probably a hint from certain NPC can help).
    It was in the Digivolution viewer somewhere. Just a few sentences per mon. As far as I could tell, it wasn't very sufficient.

    I'm not a big fan of gated evolutions (unless they're story unique ones like Hudiemon), but I do think special requirement ones like Kunemon are cool. Though if I hadn't read that online, I probably never would have figured it out, so that is the type of thing that should have hints or tips that you can discover somehow.

    I liked the slide evolutions too, but I think they should have come with a life boost, since I'm pretty sure most of the ones in DW (like Devimon) just half your stats. So even though it was cool to get a new Digimon, mechanically, it was a punishment.

    On Battle:

    I like some of the complexities you added onto the base system, like the different types of attacks. A DW3 Blast system could be cool, though I'm not sure having it build from taking damage would be as great in this context. It can be one way but not the main one.
    I think that this blast gauge can work as a compensation of such disadvantages you received during battles, like big damage, critical attacks, or being beaten by mobs. Sure you probably can add an in-battle support item to fill that gauge but probably later on since it would be quite cheating on first play, even though successful revival still depending on your bond with your digimon.
    Fair points.

    How about adding to the Support Cheer system. Adding different phrases that are effective in different situations (that are maybe unlocked by interacting with Digimon around the world), and you build up something similar to Order Points.
    Except now they function more like a form of bardic inspiration. You build up enough, and you can utilise commands imbued with different stat buffs or useful effects. Maybe a well timed cheer can turn a regular attack into a critical hit, or a regular block into a piece of revived health. And yes, even Burst Evolutions or EXE.
    hmmm honestly I don't really get it, but I think you can rather make this an automatic results in battlefield without needing such system. With this kind of system, I don't think such cheer command will be needed anymore. I prefer to call it "successful command", so everytime your digimon obey by saying "OK" without being cancelled by enemies, it can get some conditional hidden buffs that can overcome some disadvantages it got and it can give you bonus stat raising after battle.
    Well, in a addition to the prep work you do to make your Digimon capable and obedient, I was also suggesting a more complex cheer system to expand player involvement during battles.

    In Next 0rder, you have the one cheer, which works when your Digimon lands an attack, successfully blocks, or when they get up after being knocked down. I'm saying if you had different phrases that were applicable it different contexts, instead of a universal prompt, that would add to the idea that your the creatures Tamer, by adding some more real time coaching in the form of verbal support.

    And by doing it well and increasing your Order Gauge, you can have positive effects on your Digimon's battle state and actions. For example, if your partner knocks down an enemy: "You've got em on the ropes" could up their ATK, or "Keep pushing!" could up their speed. And you can unlock more phrases as you go.

    On Max Levels:

    What do you think of limiting permanent level to Ultimate? I think it's a good idea, as it invalidates less forms, and allows for more varied EXE forms (or Burst Forms) in the collection of Megas. I suspect somehow it wouldn't be a popular design choice.
    since this is not 1999 anymore, nope, it would be a bummer. Sure, I understand your intention and reasoning, but it just doesn't feel right, especially in nowadays that the number of Ultimate (Mega) level digimon are more plenty rather than adult or perfect level. I really think this EXE evolution aren't needed anymore, you can rather change it with digimemory. I mean, if your blast gauge was successful, you can choose whether you can keep the digimon in the base form or inserting a digimemory so it can evolve into that digimon, but you can't get the double stat buffs.

    Oh yeah, I think we can use the digimemory feature to limit the evolutionary routes, so there will be some playable digimon obtainable only via digimemory, you can't evolve normally into those digimon. These digimemory exclusive digimon you can obtain by getting rewards, or special drop from bosses. You can only use digimemory once a day, whether it functions as a substitute of signature attack or evolving from being KO-ed. These digimemory only consist adult+ level digimon, so no child or below level at all, probably same like re:digi. The only disadvantage from these digimemory exclusive digimon is that you can't customize their regular attacks.
    Fair enough. I guess there's a few ways you can go about it as long as it's balanced well, but yeah, having both sounds a little too cluttered.

    The one benefit to my approach is that you can use multiple combinations depending on who you teamed up with, so you'd gain access to many more Megas. Just only in battle. Whereas Digi-memories, you'd have to work through a life cycle pr beat a boss to earn it. Not saying that's bad. Just a different reward structure.

    Actually, you could use both. In a combined version of the systems, you could use a Digi-memory to permenantly evolve, which will give you a life boost. BUT, you'll lose the ability to EXE, and thus, the ability to alternate between multiple Megas to gain advantages in certain fights. So you trade extended life and a stronger form (plus longer to train and get higher stats),for the versatility of multiple fusions.

    (Plus, as a trade-off for no Ultra, some of them can be moved back to the Mega slot.)
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