Something that's kinda bugged me about Digimon games over the years is that they never seem to have a very clear idea on how elements (as in the fire, water, etc. variety) should work between each game, which is quite a contrast from Pokemon where elemental types seem to make up a large part of each monster's identity. Like I remember in Digimon World 2, the elements were fire, water, nature, machine, darkness, as well as neutral. And in Digimon World 3, rather than associating each Digimon with an element, there were individualized resistance stats for various element types. Meanwhile, a lot of other media seems to just tie elemental attributes to whatever that Digimon's field type is (Nature Spirits, Deep Savers, etc., even though most Digimon can have numerous field types), and while I never played the DS Story games, I hear that they had different elemental stats which also included animalistic attributes like "bird" and "beast" and such. And so I got to wondering: does anyone else think they should just stick to one standardized system?

One thing I noticed is that, unlike Pokemon, dual elements aren't much of a thing. While several Digimon show mastery over multiple elements, games that feature elements tend to assign such Digimon just their most dominant one (like Wizarmon being dark despite having lightning spells), or in some cases, have them cancel each other out to become a neutral type (ex. Lucemon Falldown Mode, Mastemon). This makes a bit of sense considering Digimon already has the Vaccine, Data, Virus system, so there's no need to make things even more complicated. Personally, I really like how the Cyber Sleuth games do things. Both the Vaccine, Data, Virus triangle and elements stack together for damage calculations. Fire, water, and plant, and then wind, earth, and electric both form their own triangles, plus light and darkness opposing each other as well as a neutral type. A part of me does wish they could've feature the elements of the Warrior Ten (plus a non-elemental neutral type), but when you consider that there are extremely few ice-based Digimon, as well as electric-based Digimon that aren't mechanical, I think it makes sense that most of the franchise treats water/ice and electric/metal as interchangeable (incidentally, the elements in Cyber Sleuth are also the same ones in the Xros Loader, albeit the latter uses machine in place of electric). As for the other type system, I like how Free in Cyber Sleuth also covers Variable, Unknown, and Digimon that have no type (such as Baby forms) to all simply be neutral to the triangle. Gotta say, though, it does kinda suck how freakishly common the Vaccine/Light and Virus/Dark combinations are (but I suppose that's mostly due to how much the Vaccine and Virus attributes were tied to typical good vs. evil themes over the years).

I'd love it if Cyber Sleuth's system is what they stick with moving forward, while maybe adding species types as a third attribute for certain situations (ex. WarGreymon's Dramon Killer can work better on dragon-based Digimon). But what does everyone else think? Are you fans of this system, would you work things differently, or do you think they should just continue to change things up between every game as they've been doing?