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Thread: Elemental systems

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGann View Post
    I'm fine with Digimon being flexible to fit the needs of the game.
    The only thing I'd say, is the multipliers should have been swapped in Cyber Sleuth: Attributes x1.5 and Elements x2.0.
    Elements are the more complex, varied system, so they should yield a higher bonus.
    I think the attributes were given priority over elements because they're way more consistent (not to mention familiar) throughout the entire franchise. It is a bit of a shame that the game doesn't reward you quite as well for knowledge on the elements, but then again, that might be where the Support Skills come in.

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    as stated their are to many Vaccine/light and Virus/dark digimon to really make it balanced (just look at DMO)
    then like with the Yukidarumon example you get Monīs with specific weaknesses.

    imo iīd prefer a system like in Persona and SMT where each monster has itīs own set of weaknesses and resistances.

    in this example Jeanne DīArc is strong against Physical, weak to Fire and negates curses.
    all fitting to the character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    The poop Digimon do have poop attacks, they just tend to the Earth element in Cyber Sleuth. Sukamon's attack is straight up just called "poop".
    A poop element would be better than just sticking to Earth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    In Next Order, Filth (poop) is an element, which is weak to all other elements I believe.
    Ah. Never played Next Order. Not a fan of its gameplay style.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    They would of course not be copied over to Cyber Sleuth (probably), but overall, I don't think there's much point of it, as there aren't really that many poop Digimon for it to be its own type.
    I think there are enough Digimon who use poop attacks for poop type to be a fun gameplay element.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    and like I said, just change WarGreymon's ability from boosting fire attacks to causing more damage to Dramon Digimon+other WarGreymons/BWG.
    And then you lose stuff like War Greymon defeating Metal Seadramon and Mugendramon with its Dramon Killers.

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    No, they would gain it - as WGmon's ability in the CS/HM is a generic "boosts fire damage". I was saying to make it "hurts dramons more".

    as for filth, its in digimon world 1, and redigitize too (prob).

    I'm gonna check Hackers and this is who would prob be flith type:

    Chuumon (Earth type)

    ShellNumemon (Water)

    Geremon (Electric)

    GoldNumemon (Light)

    Sukamon (Earth)

    Nanimon (Earth)

    Numemon (Earth)

    PlatinumSukamon (Nuetral)

    Vegiemon? He does have some poop attacks (Plant)

    Raremon? he's a failure Digimon and has terrible stats (Earth)

    Etemon (Dark)

    BlackKingNumemon (Dark)

    MetalEtemon (Earth)

    KingEtemon (Earth)

    PlatinumNumemon (Nuetral)

    I don't really thikn that's enough due to te lack above Champion

    I guess you could throw in Digitamamon (Nanimon), Vademon/Ebemon (Vegiemon), Monzaemon (Numemon) but that kinda seems like a "nah".

    and then CS/HM treats the mamemons, and starmons alongside the poop digimon in terms of memory and power. which annoys me, cuz I like the mames.

    so yeah... next order has filfth type, but its pretty much for failure stuff as a punishment. turn based rpgs have you choosing to get, say, sukamon, so I don't think they should be weak to everything. if filth was just a generic type, there's not really enough, and they'd have to keep putting in new poop monsters, and there isn't that many. like, I guess they could throw in bombernanimon, but theyre out of numemons and sukamons lol

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