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Thread: Stuffed Collection Mochimon at Wonder Festival 2019 Winter

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    Stuffed Collection Mochimon at Wonder Festival 2019 Winter

    Plush Update!

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    After first getting US details 2 months ago we finally get our first sign of Japanese information for the upcoming Stuffed Collection plush of Mochimon!

    Megahouse currently has it on display at Wonder Festival 2019 Winter.

    Unfortunately most of the information on the various placards isn't readable at the mometn, but hopefully we get more images soon.

    At the Crunchyroll store Mochimon is currently available to pre-order with an expected release of July 30th. We expect the Japanese release to be a few weeks before that, likely exclusive to Premium Bandai (with maybe one or two other specialty realtors having specialty stock.)

    The other plushes are likely just display models of older releases to spruce up the Mochimon display, but we can't say for sure until we get a better look at the placards (although it's worth noting these same older plushies were in a number of early images with Mochimon.)

    Previous updates about this plush can be found here and here.
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