A few small updates...

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The AniSong Summer Friends -Miracle in Winter- event will feature various anime music and be held on February 24th in Odaiba at the Ruido K3 in Ikebukuro. Doors will open at 5:20pm and the event begins at 6pm.

The guest lineup as announced so far (which appears to be finalized at this point) is...

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Yuto Kazama (Yamato in Adventure and 02), Kae Araki (Hikari in Adventure and 02 and Patamon in Frontier), Aoi Tada (Terriermon in 02 and Tamers plus Lopmon in Tamers), and Umi Tenjin (Koushiro in Adventure and 02.)

The talkshow portion of the event will feature Umi Tenjin and Kae Araki.

And one last surprise...

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While he isn't on the guest list, all attendees will get a present from Director Kakudou.

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Thanks to Ayushi and shin for translation help.