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Thread: [sell] Tamer on hard times letting go 1997 eng blue and some ver 20ths.

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    [sell] Tamer on hard times letting go 1997 eng blue and some ver 20ths.

    I hate to pander and if this gets flagged but I have a working 1997 blue english digivice listed and a pair of Ver 20th first color gen pair listed both at great prices with an ominomon ver 20th in original packaging getting listed soon. All are at lower than market value as I am in need of money atm and bought these when money was less tight. They where very loved, I hope if anyone gets them they will get the same joy I did from them

    1997 English Blue Ver 1:

    Ver 20 Pendulum First color pair:

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    Removed a post. They cannot sell on the forum as per the Sales and Trading rules. Going to lock this for that reason as they have the Ebay links.

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