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Thread: Who is who in this manga?

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    Who is who in this manga?

    According to wikimon there are four main characters in the chinese Manhua Digimon Legendary Skies:
    Y Jiābǎo (虞家宝)
    Shngguān Yǔ Hun (上官羽寰)
    Tng Q (童麒)
    Tng Ln (童麟)
    In addition we have pictures of what (I pressume) are the main characters:
    My question is, who is who in that picture? Do we have any idea?

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    Going by the cover and the only few available pages, the Goggle Boy is in fact Takuya, the blonde girl is Izumi, the boy with the head scarf on her head is Koji and the chubby boy is Junpei. Also the alien-like Digimon seems to be the evolution of the Panda Digimon. However, it's really weird that both Tóng Q* and Tóng L*n share the same surname, so the logical way to think is that they are Koji and Koichi?

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