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Thread: Digimon 0NL1NE: The Digital Monster Communication Project

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    Digimon 0NL1NE: The Digital Monster Communication Project

    Hello! Over the past few months, I've been working with BladeSabre to use the Digital Monster Communication project (found here: https://withthewill.net/threads/1393...cation-project) as the base for a system that would allow users to connect their v-pets over the internet for battle, jogress, copy, etc. That project has recently come to fruition in the form of Digimon 0NL1NE. It works through the use of the latest version of the Digimon Communicator, or D-Com, as some have decided on calling it, our website linked below, which allows simple conversion of the codes sent through the D-Com, and any software that can send text between users, such as email, discord, Skype, etc. It is currently 100% compatible with the Digital Monster Ver.20th and Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th, and is by extension is compatible with any device capable of using the interactions on those devices, such as their original counterparts. We plan to add compatibility for the Digital Monster X once it is released, as well as for older devices. For more information, please check out our website, but feel free to ask me any questions you have! Thank you for reading!

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    Wow...... very interesting. I hope can join soon, after build the D-Com

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    Would just like to say, that as someone who has been using this system, it works really well!

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