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Thread: Precious GEM Omegamon Close-Up Photo

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    Precious GEM Omegamon Close-Up Photo

    A small but fun update...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    We've gotten a number of images of the upcoming Precious GEM Omegamon, but they've always been wider shots, or not from the best angle (the figure is normally photographed through glass to keep people from touching it.)

    We have a great close up shot of the figure now though!

    The image was posted to the Twitter of Amico, a mascot character for retailer amiami, who says she snuck into a Megahouse photoshoot to take the image.

    It's probably, overall, the best shot we have of the figure, and a pretty nice closeup showing various details.

    They also comment that pre-orders will be coming soon, so no doubt more to come.

    Previous updates for Precious GEM Omegamon can be found here and here.
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    The sculpting is top-notch, but I'm still a fan of something that's at least poseable. I wish we could get effects accessories like this one has though...

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