I found this image of what seems to be a Nefertimon that can change into Gatomon/tailmon and i'm assuming the digi-egg/ digimental as well.

Does anyone else have any info on this figure or picture? I've tried to reverse google search it and i can't really find anything. I messaged the person who posted this on instagram and they never got back to me, but now i can't even find that instagram any more to even give credit.

I've also asked someone who has a collection of hard to find digimon stuff but hes claiming it to be a custom which i don't buy. He said it looks like a custom of the digi-mental patamon. But the pegausmon does not have those pegs on the front let and all the peg holes look way too smooth to be a custom job. If anyone knows anything let me know! I know some feel the same hole in their 02 collection lol