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Thread: Digimon Rumble Arena fangame

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    Hi! I just found this today, and is VERY interesting to me!

    Rumble Arena being one of my favourite childhood fighting games off all time, I'd love to chat and maybe help out if possible in any way I can! Hmu on Discord@

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draco74 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DPTronazel View Post
    Is there gonna be a similar fighter enemies like the Fighting Wire Frames?
    Hmmm... I don't know, this could be an extra. But the main idea I have is to do like a mix between Digimon Rumble Arena and Smash Bros (in fact Rumble Arena 2 was close to it, but I would change some things there).
    If anyone wonders why I thought about this is that I remember in some sort of translated interview mentioning that Digimon are computer generated beings. And Ankylomon's profile mentions its Tail Hammer will shatter its opponent's wire frames.
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    Talking *-*

    I like so much your project and I'm soooo interested!! how it going?, I have weird ideas since ever, like an evolution chart xD
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    amazing !

    how many roster it is possible?
    any chance for tag team battle? 😍

    i love DRA1 but the roster too small and imbalance . lol

    DRA 2 love the double Evo and the game modes ( Race Digivolve, etc awesome)
    but the stages is annoying 😂 also camera the worst

    All Star Rumble quite good to me , but the roster is big dissapointment
    how can Palmon , Patamon , and Renamon left behind? 😫

    I have suggestion for roster

    in DRA 1 there are 3 elements

    Fire : Agumon ( WarGreymon) , Agumon ( WarGreymon X) , Agumon ( Shine Greymon)
    Veemon ( Imperialdramon ) , Veemon ( Magnamon X) , Guilmon ( Dukemon ) , Guilmon ( Dukemon X)
    Gumdramon ( Arresterdramon) , Shoutmon ( OmegaShoutmon) , Psychemon* ( Belphemon or Daemon)
    Hagurumon ( Mugendramon)
    Ice : Gabumon ( MetalGarurumon) , Lalamon ( Lotusmon) , Renamon ( Sakuyamon)
    Betamon ( MetalSeadramon) , Tailmon ( Angewomon) , Lucemon ( Lucemon FM) , Impmon ( Beelzebumon)
    Nature : Palmon ( Rosemon) , Gaomon ( Miragegaogamon ) , Wormmon ( GranKuwagamon )
    Meicoomon ( LadyDevimon); Patamon ( HolyAngemon/ Seraphimon) , Mushroomon ( Pinochimon)

    - Omegamon
    - Mastemon
    - Rafflesimon* 😂 is this possible?
    - Piemon
    - Dukemon CM
    - Lucemon SM
    - Imperialdramon PM
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    Dudemon, I've merged your posts. As per the forum rules you should not multipost.

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