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Thread: Hacker's Memory Top Selling US Vita Game in 2018

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    Hacker's Memory Top Selling US Vita Game in 2018

    A small game update.

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    Mat Piscatella, an industry analyst at The NPD Group, posted a list of the top selling Vita games in 2018 and Hacker's Memory was at the top of the list.

    Being at the top of the Vita sales chart for the last proper year of Vita production isn't a bad thing!

    It's also not the largest surprise based on the Vita's overall lineup in 2018.

    Sony announced last year that Vita hardware and physical cartridges would be wound down in 2019.

    The chart as provided by Piscatella is below.

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    Woohoo! didnt have much contest other than Persona Dancing tho lol (which isnt on here, though it did release at the end of 2018, so half of the sales will be in 2019)

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