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Thread: Digimon Next Behind the Scenes Details & Art from artist Takeshi Okano

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    I love when we get higher res Digimon art! I never realized how much I like this guy's style either. So glad you posted this I would've missed it. I had no idea Z'dGarurumon had a revolver belly until now. I actually like how they have no Omegamon form, but have variations on his weapons instead. Surfymon has such a fun heroic design. He looks like he should be a protagonist's Digimon. I never noticed how detailed his surfboard is underneath. I hope Habu puts him in a game someday.

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    One usual thing is the massive different between Peckmon's design here, and Peckmon's future design for the anime, games, cards etc. Peckmon's hair and tail feathers are yellow, its scarf is red, its body is black rather than purple, and its claws are white rather than red.

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    Color variation between the profile reference pictures and their manga/anime appearances are pretty common, though most of them are just slight differences. The claws on VenomMyotismon's knees are white, but in the Adventure anime, they're red. Argomon (Mega)'s fingers are green, but they're red in the Savers movie. Daemon is considerably different between the V-Tamer manga and the rest of the Digimon media, most noticeably is that the glowing blue blocks of data around his belly and arms are now some sort of metallic plating.

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