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Thread: Help recognizing a (maybe) fake D-Scanner i bought

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    Help recognizing a (maybe) fake D-Scanner i bought

    I'm new, but the formalities I'll leave them for later, I don't have time. So in short, I'm a semi-periodic visitor of this site; I never subbed cause I never felt the need to, but this time is a necessity, and maybe a good opportunity to start being an active member perhaps, I'd be most pleased to join. And we know the best relationships start with the most critical encounters; Well it happen that I won an auction fo a used D-Tector (JAP red, you know that). Price is good for a used piece of plastic in that conditions, and so i joined, and won. Now, after years of ebay sniping I started getting some experienced eye in thoroughly checking the pictures of things I wanna land my hands on, and brothers I lie you not, this was one piece of thailandic trust! I couldn't find no trace of any sort of fakeness. But I patiently waited to the auction's end to speak with our guy. This seller answered to my question "I know that's the jap one, but is it a korean repack" (asked caused the back serial was printed onto the kor ones, never seen a jap serial), with this "ye its jap but it was made in china". This threw my mind in a downward spiral of doubt culminating in my ultimate disbelief in any thing that's related with God and Its lies. I don't believe in your promises anymore... God. Anyway, in this moment of despair I was greeted with the Lord's agent call, a flebile cry that only the most desperate minds can hear, it was a gentle phrase I recognized, floating weightlessly in the fragile sea of silence, it was saying "Go ask at With the Will, and don't start sermones of your usual narrative, cunt".

    So here I am, guided by the divine in this most dark time.

    Ah I don't know how post pics so I'll need aid in that too.

    Bye =)

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    Image Thumbnail
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    https://withthewill.net/threads/1477...tleg-digivices This topic says there are no fake Version 1s or 2s, so you should be safe. All Digivices and V-Pets are made in China, so that's not a red flag. I'm not a D-Scanner expert, but everything looks okay to me.
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    On a better thought, there's no reason to believe it's fake, but when buying used products I get pitifully obsessive.
    Well I say case closed then, Thank you.

    I want to note anyway, that there are in fact fake dscanner 1 and 2, and they hold the brand name of "Supmon"; When bought new, their counterfeit condition is easely noticeable, but turned off and opened they are decent fake. However I don't need to tell you that they're not perfect, looking at the buttons.

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