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Thread: Digivolving Spirits HolyAngemon Discussion

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    Digivolving Spirits HolyAngemon Discussion

    With the seventh Digivolving Spirits figure out in Japan it made sense to open the discussion thread for the figure.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Since the releases of the figures are being staggered date wise for different countries, each figure will get it's own thread. Discussion of other figures will no doubt happen since they're part of the same line, but hopefully each having it's own thread makes things a bit easier due to the fact people will be getting them at different times.

    HolyAngemon is a figure we first saw in art form over a year ago, and it was quite awhile until he was confirmed as coming out.

    In addition, with the release of this figure we are past the halfway mark on one of the stated goals of the line, having the lineup of all 8 partner Digimon from Adventure.

    The figure recently came out in Japan so it may be awhile until your figure shows up if you pre-ordered from Japan (based on the shipping method), but at this point they are actively showing up, so perhaps not a long wait...

    US orders are expected in February

    HolyAngemon is currently out of stock at both CDJapan and Amazon USA, but may pop back up: (Affiliate links)
    Digivolving Spirits #07 HolyAngemon at CDJapan
    Digivolving Spirits #07 HolyAngemon at Amazon USA
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    Hi Marc, I have had this question for a long time. I've been wanting to buy digimon merchandise online for a while now and was waiting till I got a job to actually begin, and I was wondering. If I bought the merchandise from Amazon does that support Bandai and Digimon directly? Or Is there another place I can purchase where it would actually support them and not whoever owns the site or seller.

    Sorry for the comment not being directly about the HolyAngemon Digivolving spirit.

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    The only partners we need left from Season 1 are Garudamon, Lillymon, and Zudomon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugenlazlo View Post
    The only partners we need left from Season 1 are Garudamon, Lillymon, and Zudomon.
    Especially the latter two who never got figures in this style at all. I wonder if they’re willing to do Frontier figures, with the Spirit Evolution feature?

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugenlazlo View Post
    The only partners we need left from Season 1 are Garudamon, Lillymon, and Zudomon.
    I've been on pins and needles for over a year now just hoping the line doesn't end up dying before Lilymon and especially Zudomon get released. The fact that we're still getting new designs like Beelzebumon shown off give me hope, though.

    On the subject of HolyAngemon, I won't be getting mine until the US release next month and I'm still totally on the fence about how I feel about him. He doesn't look like an absolute home run of a figure in the way that WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and AtlurKabuterimon do in both forms, but he also doesn't look as bad as I've always thought Angewomon does in both forms. Something about his wings, though, especially the ones around his waist, just seem off. Hopefully he'll click more once he's in hand.

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