Always nice to get an update on this...

While we can't play Digimon Encounters, the Chinese mobile game has had a number of interesting things pop up regarding it since it's announcement.

The newest is an official theme song, provided as part of an intro video on the Encounters page on Weibo. The song 'Sparking Light' is sung by Konomi Suzuki, who has sung theme songs for Absolute Duo, Fairy Tail, No Game No Life, Watamote, and a number of other titles.

On top of that, they put up another video!

This one appears to be interview/Q&A content with a number of the Encounters stafff. Hopefully we can get translations of some of this, as it seems interesting.

Then we get a New Year's image!

Image Thumbnail (custom)

A fun little image.

Last up...

On the pages for Encounter on Chinese app store TapTap, a number of promotion and instruction images have been swapped out for new images featuring the Adventure kids and Digimon.

The artwork ranges from brand new artwork seemingly done by in house artists, to 20 year old promotional Adventure art (sometimes seemingly retraced), to artwork from the PSP game, to a few images that I believe have only been used in the last few years.

Most of these appear to just be the Adventure characters added to Encounters informational images for promotional use, and based on what little I can make out, don't appear to mention any Adventure specific things appearing in the game.

A lot of updates for Encounters with some interesting touches, for something that very likely most of us will never play.

Thanks to our friends at Digimon World Espana for the heads up regarding the TapTap images.