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Thread: Encounters Updates- Theme Song, Interview, New Year's Image, & Adventure Promo Images

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    there's a youtube gameplay already, I really don't like the battlefield camera (far top down), and the command is pure auto. Tutorial is pretty slow, the exploration means really nothing so far, and yep, the animation is basically reused assets from CS/HM. Story is pretty far null, no story. Pretty meh for an official Bandai Namco mobile game, the bootlegs did much better ironically.

    Probably this is why I saw some mainland chinese on twitter begging bandai to make chinese version of linkz & rearise already instead of ordering the shanghai branch bamco to create a game exclusively for chinese market. I began to understand their complaint.

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    well it seems to be doing well either way. I was on the chinese app store, and it was in the tending top ten on the three days I checked and was on the recommended tab as the second highest recommended game and has a ridiculous amount of 5 star reviews. number one was some sort of idol raising game

    I hope our Bandai are getting this money lol

    whats sucks is I wasnt able to DL the game myself. I was able to access their app store, but I wasnt able to DL it, I guess it knew I was on a british IP. then again, the game started DLing, but it seems I had to update the store to be allowed to or something but I dont speak chinese so it was mean.

    I was using the chinese version of the blue stacks app player.

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    this is very cool

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