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Thread: Does anyone know about this Bootleg Digimon V-Pet?

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    Does anyone know about this Bootleg Digimon V-Pet?

    I found this on instagram and searched it on Ebay, it has the same design as the Digimon Pendulum but slightly but has the same color from the Wave 2 for Digimon Pendulum 20th version.

    I'm curious if anyone has own this and how is it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-Electr...LGg:rk:28:pf:0

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    Just a generic V-Pet with colors taken/styled after various Pendulums (to differing degrees) with a 'similiar but legally distinct from' Pendulum style shell rather than being an 'actual' bootleg Digimon V-Pet.

    It's the type of thing that shops and smaller toy companies will buy in bulk and provide their own/custom packaging and often name for.

    It's become easy to buy things in bulk that many people will order a reasonable amount of them with freight shipping (or drop shipping), pay $3 to 4 each, sell for roughly $5 to 8 with no (or generic) packaging, and make a small tidy profit.

    Nothing overly interesting minus them taking 'inspiration' from the Pendulum shell.

    Realistically it's going to be cheap trash akin to a Famiclone/NOAC.
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    I think there are a few Youtube videos of it already?
    I would buy one to mess around with if bootlegging wasn't super unethical and illegal.
    From the video i saw it seems like a generic tamagotchi like vet.

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