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Thread: Cyber Sleuth Delisted from Playstation Store

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by McGann View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by McGann View Post
    ... wait...
    *scrambles to check DLC list*
    Yes, I remembered to re-download it. That's a relief.
    Actually, how delisting works only disallows new people from buying it. Even if you had deleted it before, you would still be able to DL it from your previous time of DLing it as the files are connected to your profile, or whatever.
    Well I originally got it on my brother's account. The version I got was with a code in a physical copy. Not sure if that makes a difference. In any case, I had the Cyber Sleuth Theme set to my menu, so I should've figured I had them.
    I did the same actually, on PS4. I bought the game myself on PSV, then my brother got in on PS4 and so I used his profile to put it to my PS4 as well. Problem with that is though, if you didnt do it with yours and still haven't (as in bought it yourself), then the second his profile is no longer the "home" profile on your system, it will remove the game. Well, it'll still be there but wont be able to be loaded. that's what mine is like right now lol. its on my system but my brother changed his home console to his GFs, so I can't actually load it any more. They broke up, but I don't care enough to take my console to his house to have him log in again etc lol, cuz I have Hacker's Memory on disc.

    so yeah, youll lose access to it if your brother changes his "home" based on what youve said here.
    Oh no, it's all good now, because I bought a physical copy of the game for myself for this very situation. And it's the European version, so it came with a free DLC code. I guess the only thing I'm unclear on is, if I hadn't punched in the code prior to the DLC being taken down, would I have still been able to access it.
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    It's a shame it was removed in Europe too. I wonder if they will eventually even remove it from the Japanese store like they did with that one Appli Monsters game from the 3DS eshop.

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    I just looked and it is still on the Japanese store, which is interesting. they also have a exclusive PS Vita theme that has Agumon and Kiroto from Sword Art Online on it lmao.

    SEA don't have the game any more either btw, just checked.

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