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Thread: 20th Anniversary Digimon Adventure Character Designs from V-Jump!, Updated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagaren Gao View Post
    My goodness, TK becoming the tallest of the group is amusing
    It's established that Hiroaki is kinda gigantic, so I'm expecting something like that for both Takeru and Yamato. Still, if you look closely, it seems that Jyou is confirmed as the tallest one.

    Either way all the figures are out of proportions in relation to each other, so it could be too soon to make assumptions on heights.

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    These are great. I especially love the colours. Everything coloursscheme evokes their Adventure outfit. Mimi's is partly coloured like Palmon's flower. Everything fits the characters well too, even the drastically different ones like Koushiro and Sora and Mimi.

    I loved cencoroll but they never should've used another character designer in the first place. At least we have these now.

    Takeru growing so talll reminds me of Patamon somehow, lol.

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    They all look fine. Still not a fan of them not actually looking any older than before and their hairstyle being mostly complete copies of their first designs. But maybe this time there won't be as much of a discrepancy between the style in the promo art and the actual animation.

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    The designs are... Intriguing. Though regarding their CVs, will they retain their Tri voice actors and actresses?
    Bored of Knife of Day?

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    How many years after tri. is this movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clanc View Post
    How many years after tri. is this movie?
    It is 5 years after Tri.

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    I'm really liking these designs, and honestly I'm more excited for this now that we've seen the rest of the cast. It's nice to see a return to the classic look, but I'm probably in the minority opinion that the Tri. artstyle will be missed - not that I have a preference one way or the other.

    Sora's kimono is very cute, and I like the return to Taichi's normal goggle design as opposed to the chunky VR headset thing from the early artwork. But I do wonder if that will show up anyway.

    The thing that strikes me most is how all of the outfits call back to the Adventure '99 designs in different ways. Taichi and Yamato are the most obvious, but then we've seen those already. The colours of Sora's kimono are the same as her old hat and tank top. Koushiro's tie brings to mind his orange shirt from Adventure. Hikari's yellow shirt returns, and the pink belt calling back to her old shorts. Jo's light purple and beige. And Takeru's stupid green hat. Nothing about Mimi's outfit reminds me of her classic look, but her old hairstyle has returned and the colour is back to the normal brown as opposed to the pinkish brown hair she had in Tri.

    Also; WOW, Takeru had a growth spurt! Now all he needs to complete the 'taller younger brother' look is to borrow a hat from the King of Second Bananas himself

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    The line for Takeru literally reads 19 years. And yet he has grown taller than his adult older brother Yamato?

    I love everything about these designs. The nostalgic feel to it is overwhelming.

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    They look great, like a mixture of their original and tri designs! An improvement for most of them.

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    In all honesty, I think these designs really show the limitations of Adventure's art style. To put it in perspective, Masaru is 14 years old during Savers and still looks older than the adult DigiDestined here.

    That being said, it does still look better than Tri's flawed art direction from what little we've seen so far.

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