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Thread: Exclusive Digimon Playmat at Battle Spirits Championship Events

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    Exclusive Digimon Playmat at Battle Spirits Championship Events

    A bit of a surprise...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    At the Battle Spirits Championship 2018 -Gold Advent Cup- there will be a bit of exclusive Digimon merchandise.

    Basically this is the big 'final' series of events for the Battle Spirits tournament year, with various events running for a number of months into 2019 at various locations.

    It isn't clear if the item will be at 'every' event, as there are quite a few of them running months into the new year. They will almost certainly be at the event this Sunday in Osaka, and December 23rd in Hiroshima though, and we will try and clarify availability since there are events in a few other countries that might make it easier for some fans to get.

    The exclusive product itself is a microfiber handkerchief that doubles as a mini playmat for Battle Spirits. It features the artwork for Omegamon, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, and Dukemon Crimson Mode, showing off signature Digimon from the 3 'new content' Digimon collaboration booster sets. It costs 1,500 yen.

    Thanks to garm for some translated details.
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    Is still no plans on bringing this game to west

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    Is Battle Spirits even a thing in the West?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS View Post
    Is Battle Spirits even a thing in the West?
    A few cards are dubbed but they didnt last very long

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