"Nobody use their real name online" and its variations were something that's popular to internet users at least in 00's. Apparently it's outdated now, probably ever since the smartphone era and google starts to asks for real name and integrate almost every service.

It's perfectly understandable for social media to want their user to use their legal identity. But i've seen people starts applying "RealNamePlease" beyond social media: they think people should also use it on online forums, not even they think that pseudonym should be allowed.

I'm personally still conservative to the "don't use your real name online", even on facebook since i have like more than 200 people i never want them to found/connect to me online since i still can't forgive them. I prefer to be able to select people that could be close with me rather than random people went "hey i see you have same alma mater with me, so we must be friend right?" with me or random relative that are older than me went "i've seen you in the days where you're still wearing your diaper, so your opinion on this thing is totally wrong and mine must be right". I also don't really like telling my first name to strangers in my country without meeting me, since most of them would falsely assume my gender (i got my name in both male and female list when i apply for student's union).

What do you think about this? Should you use your real/legal name on any online forum, including fandom forums and gaming forum, beyond professional platform such as social media and job seeker site? If you ever registered in an online forum where the paradigm of using real name online has already switched, did you actually use your real/legal name for it?