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Thread: Do You Use Your Real/Legal Name in Online Forums Past 2013?

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    I'm a Maniac PinkIceFox's Avatar
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    Since I have no social media accounts to speak of (anxiety based paranoia on top of a extreme fear/dislike of people keeps that from happening), all of my accounts are various names I came up with in the past. This one just happens to be the oldest of the ones I use. I think maybe I've mentioned my first name in passing once or twice though when referring to myself in a funny story or something.
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    Never. I try to keep online and irl accounts as separate as possible. I juggle 10 admin and admin-related positions across the Internet (mainly account security, anti-phishing, copyright, and related), so it's pretty much a necessity. I've already had to deal with a number of online stalkers (and one who apparently crossed the online / irl bounds) without connecting my online and real-world activities.

    But it's weird at the same time because of social media and professional networking. With more and more professional interactions going online, I'm also having more and more accounts tied to my real-life identity instead. It's sort of like leading a double Internet life, I guess.

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