A couple updates!

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We only got solid release info on the Precious GEM BlackWargreymon figure a few days ago, and of course at the same time we found out they were making a Mochimon plush.

One of the places fans have generally skewed to buying GEMs and other stuff from in the US has been Crunchyroll's store, since pre-orders go up quickly and prices are decent.

They've already tossed up both of these items and show the release date for both as July 30th.

These aren't affiliate links or anything, just a heads up for people who want to get their orders in:
Precious GEM BlackWarGreymon
Mochimon Plush

In addition, we have a few more details...

BlackWarGreymon does indeed appear to be the same price as WarGreymon, even without Taichi being included.

Mochimon is a touch under 10 inches tall.

Additional images of both items can be found in the articles linked to at the beginning of this article.